I’m a fan of scratch cooking for two reasons, the main one being that I love good food and homemade scratch dishes are simply the best (so long as you know what you’re doing). And the second reason of course is that I simply love to cook. However….some days you just get slammed with things to do. Or sometimes you just get in the mood for something all of a sudden and you don’t have all the ingredientsWolfgang Puck's Minestrone you need right on hand. For these real world scenarios (and for those who can’t or aren’t interested in cooking), there are a variety of ready-to-eat organic dishes out there. And one that I’ve been meaning to try is the family of Organic Soups from Wolfgang Puck. Interesting, because the name really says Organic & Gourmet. So I went out and picked up a can of his Organic Classic Minestrone.

 So here’s the deal. Cost was two bucks which is about in the ballpark for a high end “conventional” canned soup (and this stuff is organic). So no problem here. Checked out the directions…in a nutshell you basically open the can and heat up the contents. No water should be added as this isn’t condensed soup.

 Fragrance…nice. You get a good fragrance hit of what smells like homemade soup when you open the can. Once in the saucepan you can visually check out what’s going on. Everything looks pretty chunky. For instance, the carrots are cut into pieces about quarter inch in length. So it looks like homemade. Not to much liquid but a good proportion of ”stuff” to broth.

 Checking out the can..Mostly organic ingredients, certified Organic by Quality Assurance International and has the USDA Organic Lable…Nice, and also impressive because as you know, Minestrone has a lot of ingredients.

 OK, where the rubber meets the road as it were…taste. Really Good. Nice balance of flavors…good level of flavor, you don’t get that “bland” effect that many canned soups have…texture surprisingly good, the beans in particular are cooked so they have just the right amount of texture and are not mush in a solid shape if you know what I mean.

 To sum up, this stuff is good…Homemade good? I guess that would depend upon the cook (my homemade is better by the way). However…when I finished the day today the last thing I had time for was to get involved in is making a Minestrone.

  This product will definitely find a home on my shelf. It has the convenience factor but even more importantly has the quality. Good job Puckster….. Until next time, enjoy your food and live naturally.