The Fall Vegetable harvest is in and there’s a chill in the air. Well, all this makes for the perfect time for a delicious and warming bowl of organic butternut squash soup. Butternut SquashNow there’s nothing fancy about this soup, there doesn’t have to be…Butternut Squash is such a fantastic vegetable that it stands on it’s own culinary legs without any need for any other major players. So while we let the Butternut Squash be the star of the show we’ll include a supporting cast of butter, cream, a hint of brown sugar sweetness and a complement of ground nutmeg.

 This actually is a good soup course for your upcoming Thanksgiving Feast (it’s a Fall Harvest Soup, it’s warming, tastes great..). If you decide to go this route we’d recommend preparing the soup a day ahead of time and refrigerating. It not only keeps well but it’s one of those foods that seem to develop flavor after it’s had the chance to set a bit.

 This recipe is pretty easy and straightforward. However, a few comments are needed. The first is that cutting and peeling Butternut Squash can be difficult. If you do not have the strength and knife skills to do this safely we recommend that you skip this recipe. An alternative would be to steam the squash with the skin on and scoop out the flesh after cooking… The second comment is that there will be a tendency to want to skip the puree step…well don’t. You may figure (as I confess I did before) that it will be just as good and have a more “rustic” texture with bits swimming around in the soup. Well, for one thing the bits aren’t fun when you’re eating the soup, it sort of spoils the experience and you need all of it pureed as this will create a thicker soup. So goofing off is not recommended, pureeing is. Please click here for the Organic Butternut Squash Recipe.  

 Hope you enjoy this soup and the season as mush as we do. Eat well and live naturally.