When we go out and buy that pound of Organic Rice many would think we are wasting our money..spending more for a bunch of hype. Yea right, we know there’s a difference..in the way we feel & in how good our food actually taste. But beyond these reasons there’s other perhaps more important consequences we consider when going organic…A cleaner environment and improved lives for the workers who are involved in the production of this food.

 These important social consequences are highlighted in a case study by Oxfam America.. In it, farmers from Pursat, Cambodia have established the country’s first certified organic rice mill.

And going organic enabled them to step into a more elite segment of the rice market which with growing demand from people such as you is more stable & less cut throat than the conventional, chemicalized stuff that’s more of a standard commodity product.

 It also means using animal instead of chemical fertilizers which has a twofold impact. First, the fertilizer is inexpensive “home grown” as it were vs. the money they had to pay for the chemical fertilizers. Same with pest control. And, in addition, it has been found that often the warnings on the chemicals could not be read resulting in the workers to using them even more unsafely than what’s recommended.

 Net-net, bottom line as it were: the workers are better financially and are healthier. And I suspect that this makes you feel good every time you “throw your money away” by choosing organic.

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