Just came back from the kitchen. Have a lot to do this morning then Di’s coming over to visit, so I needed something easy to make. It’s a cold New England day this morning so I was in the mood for something warm and basic, no frills, honest food whatever you want to call it.

 Took some fresh fish (wild and not farmed or course) out of the frig. Took out my stainless steel steamer. Added water and set on high heat. While this was heating up took a little organic canola oil and coated the surface of the steamer insert (if you don’t do this the fish will want to stick to the stainless). .. Set this in place, covered. Cleaned up the place a bit while the water was coming to a full boil. Once there, turned down the heat so that it would still have a good boil and generate enough steam to cook the fish. Set my portable timer to 25 minutes.

 Now I’m writing this and in 11 minutes my fish will be ready. Take it out, little sea salt, drizzle of organic olive oil on top and I’ll be a happy camper.

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