If you eat fish or meat and don’t go to the Supermarket/Farmer’s Market every day you might be eating old food. This stuff ages quickly so I like to go to a place that moves tons of volume. Then I buy what I need for the next day (and at worse case the next two days max). Always looking for the expiration date and search for the one that’s farthest out there.

 And in doing this my Salmon still smelled a bit fishy for my liking the other day. Imagine if this had been sitting in the frig getting older. No thanks. .. Now Diane who likes her weekly shopping will have all sorts of stuff in her frig. And let me tell you her frig is a scary place sometimes. And one of the problems is .. Too-Much-Stuff.. . So much in fact that some things are hiding in the corners and not caught in the periodic “Clean-Out/Toss-Out”. Seeing that little Chia Pet thing as you’re looking for something is enough to make anyone take a break from eating.

 Anyway, buy fresh, use it up and keep the decks clear in the frig. Fresh tastes best.