We’re adding a new category to the Organic Test Kitchen and that’s Taste Tests. This should be a fun one where we compare our impression of two different food items. and we’ll be objective with no agenda to push. If the conventional item for instance tastes better it tastes better..we can’t do anything about it. It is what it is as they say. The conventional stuff might have hidden residual pesticides but again it is what it is… Now this is a revised post. When we first taste tested just the oils we found the taste differences to be subtle. However, after the post was published we tried it on food and it blew us away at how superior the Organic Variety was in taste. So the post below is the edited version with this new information

  Well, to kick this off we purchased some Conventional Extra Virgin  Olive Oil and are looking to compare this to BJ's Organic Olive OilBJ’s Earth’s Pride Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Here’s what we found…

  First the cost. The super container of conventional olive oil was about half the cost of the organic.. Wow, that’s a tough one.

  Second, flow & appearance. We poured equal amounts of both on white saucers. They both flowed equally well. However, the organic was slightly greener and green is good. If you ever compare cheap olive oil (that’s been steamed out of the flattened olives) it has this very lame light color as opposed to the healthy green of the extra virgins…

  Third, taste. The organic tasted smoother and more full bodied than the conventional. Also, the conventional had some mildly nasty tasting background notes in it that were missing on the organic. .. This being said these differences are very subtle. It’s very doubtful that you could pick them up unless both products were being compared side by side and you were paying careful attention. … However, and this is the revision, after this was posted we were making something up and tried this comparison on food. The differences were Amazing. The organic olive oil was far superior in flavor to the conventional. Tried it on other foods with similar results. Sooo, we messed up. For some reason you really can’t pick up the differences until used on food. After which, hands down Organic is the way to go..

  Bottom line is that the organic was a superior oil in all aspects except the cost (where the conventional won out big time). And of course the additional wild card is that the organic product in general is better for the environment and will have no chemical residues which may or may not be hiding in the conventional oil. So our conclusion is that Organic Olive Oil while more expensive is well worth it.

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