We’ve added another category which should be fun. It’s called “Try Something New”. Now this is basically to highlight some food item or cooking technique that you can add to broaden your culinary existence.

 Well the first item isn’t something that most of you would consider as “something new”. It just the plain old red pepper, not the hot variety but just the red cousin of the green pepper.. sold in just about every supermarket in the civilized world. But, let me ask you this, when’s the last time you’ve incorporated this food ingredient into your cooking? Probably awhile. Most of us (especially myself) get into food ruts. There was some study somewhere that showed that we tend to purchase the same very limited variety of food items week in and week out. What a shame since such an incredible assortment is available at reasonable prices right at our fingertips. Anyways, the red pepper…

 The red pepper has a mild but distinct flavor and a terrific color.. It does very well in a variety of dishes .. buy a red pepper for the next time you make rice. Chop semi-small and add to the rice as it’s midway in the cooking cycle (earlier if you want a more fully cooked pepper). Cut into longer pieces and slowly saute in olive oil and use it as a veggie topping for a hamburg or you might want take a piece of a French Baguette with olive oil and top with some sauteed red peppers. .. nice.. You get the idea. ..

  By adding red peppers to your normal repertoire you can take your existing dishes and create variations to provide a nice change of pace. And of course if you want to really ramp things go for the heat and start using the red repper’s hot cousins, the chiles.

 Hope you like the post. Been swamped by business when what I’d really like to do is cook and write about cooking. The blog is growing very well and thanks to everyone. Hope you have a great one, Theo

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