What a week it’s been ….. Yahoo who handles the web hosting for my business has gone from bad to really..really bad. So So Delicious Chocolate Peanut ButterI’ve been scrambling trying to learn web design in CSS and rebuilding the site for a new hosting service. Di even had this party-ish thing that I had to bag out of…sheesh..

 Anyway, whining really didn’t make me feel better before, so I got some So Delicious Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert (aka Soy Ice Cream). And here’s the deal..

 It cost me $4.69 for a quart (four cups). However, when I opened it up it had about a half inch space from the top. Checked out the Ben & Jerry’s before leaving the market and they are all less than filled as well. There might be a pattern here in the land of ice cream… hmmmm

Here’s the nutrition for a half cup “serving” (I’m working on my forth “serving” as I’m typing) .. 140 calories, 4.5 g fat, 0g cholesterol, 23g carbs and 2g protein.

 Taste…..awesome. Nice flavor and the peanut butter is, as you know, a natural partner for chocolate. As for the amount of peanut butter you have what is like a fat vein of the stuff within the quart. And it does the job. I also had an inspiration to toss in some organic shredded coconut I had recently bought. ..Niiice…

 So because of the reasonable price (Ben & Jerry’s was $3.49 just for a pint!), great flavor, dairy free and organic aspects we give this a thumbs up as a buy.