Well, back from the no-blog vacation (like blogging about food is something I needed a vacation from). Anyway goofed off for a number of weeks, met some incredible people and just up’d everything by two levels. .. It’s been a very, very nice couple of weeks. Anyway, back to Soy Milk.

 This is West Soy’s brand. One of those beverage products that comes in a box that needs no refrigeration.. And this is nice especially if you’re roughing it with a backpack in the middle of nowhere. It has this plastic tab kind of thing with a foil seal underneath. Just flip back the tab and then peel back the foil and you’re good to go. And after you’ve quaffed your first serving the plastic tab reseals the whole darn thing.

 Nutrition: For a 1 Cup Serving we’re talking 130 calories, 8g protein, No Cholesterol, 3.5g fat and 18g carbs. Not bad. But what about taste? Not too bad.. To be honest I was expecting this to be a total taste disaster. But no. Not bad.. You can taste that Soy-ish taste a bit (you know that subtle flavor of tofu). So ok the taste is acceptable but for me not good enough to want to drink this stuff by the glassful. And this being the case we decided to play around with it a bit.

 The first test was a very basic smoothie. Took four strawberries and quartered them. Tossed them into a blender. Poured a little of the soy milk in. Pulsed it to sort of smooth it out but to still leave some chunks that will give a little flavor zing when you chew them. .. The results.. Awesome. It came out thick, creamy and delicious. Nice!

 The second test was to make some gluten free pancakes. So took out this mix that someone gave me (to poke fun at me for being gluten free) and made some up with this soy milk.. And these were good as well!

So the bottom line we give this product a thumbs up and it’s a recommended buy. .. See you guys in three weeks..(kidding). 

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