It’s hard to believe the amount of resistance and the number of fresh pineapple virgins there are out there. .. The last recipe called for fresh pineapple and it was if I was asking people to become Julia Child or something.

 So basically for all those who’ll never admit they’ve never prep’d one, here you go short and simple:

  • Using a long blade knife cut the end off
  • Cut a slice (outer rind and all)
  • Using a paring knife go round the slice and remove the rind
  • Lay the slice on a cutting surface and with simple straight cuts remove the outer part from the core (so four cuts will leave you with a square core that you throw away).
  • Cut the remaining into whatever size you want. Also, if you see some brownish areas, these are the eyes and you can remove them too at this time.
  • I generally place some plastic wrap over the cut and and put the whole deal into the frig until I want another serving.

 That’s it..Simple..Now most cooks use the chop the whole thing now method..There are cookie cutters for coring out the center…Seems like a big deal about nothing if you ask me. But anyway, if I’m making a smoothie with pineapple for instance I only want to cut what I need and leave the rest in Mother Nature’s Package. Now pineapples are supposed to be chill sensitive like bananas (which get trashed if you put them into the frig)..I don’t know, never had a problem. But then again, once I cut into a pineapple the entire thing usually manages to disappear within a few days.

So in all fairness here’s a link to Rachael Ray’s site with a video on cutting pineapples the traditional way and a link to the smoothie recipe that started all of this commotion (by the way, Rachael, if you’re reading this, I’m free this Thursday).