Over the past few months my diet has been transitioning to being closer to vegetarian than anything else. And this is a smart thing given it’s effects of lowering cholesterol and increasing physical and mental energy.  Riceotein TMNow don’t get me wrong, I’ll still enjoy non-vegetarian cooking from time to time (and if I’m going to have something non-vegetarian I make sure that it’s an outstanding party in my mouth. .. Hamburger helper need not apply).

 However, one of the challenges of eating this way is making certain you are getting an adequate intake of protein (you need to consult with your nutritionist or doctor before doing this). And this is especially a concern if leading an athletic lifestyle. For instance, I enjoy resistance training using free weights and machines. Getting the proper amount of protein during recovery is essential. 

 One solution to this is to use a protein supplement. I use several but one of the staples is something called Riceotein TM. .. Reading from their label here’s what they say about themselves .. “Riceotein TM is the most complete, great tasting vegetarian protein, high in essential amino acids. It is essential for building lean muscle. It is excellent for hyper-sensitive people that are prone to allergies normally associated with products such as soy, milk, egg, wheat, corn or yeast. Riceotein TM Brown Rice Protein is made using low temperatures and our exclusive certified organic  process.”

 Nutrition: 1 Scoop is 114 calories with 22g protein, 2g fat, 16.8 mg sodium, 0g cholesterol, and 6g carbs. .. We like the excellent levels of protein and the low fat content.

  Certifications: USDA Organic, VEGAN Certified, Non GMO and Third Party Tested Gluten Free TM. All Good.

  Taste: ….(here’s where you hear the sound of screeching brakes) .. In two words.. Not-Good. It seems that the brown rice has a flavor that can’t really be overcome by the vanilla flavor or stevia. And this taste test was of course done bare naked with a scoop of the stuff mixed with spring water. .. So we did a little testing in the spirit of the label that states “Mix 1 scoop in your favorite smoothie, juice, water or food. Can be used to fortify vegetarian meals. Riceotein TM may be added to your cereal, baked goods and fruits or salads. .. ” All the results of food we added this to .. alright..but not great..

 Here’s my take on that… One of the major philosophies of Organic Test Kitchen is that in addition to our food being pure and untainted by chemical residues etc that it should also have knock your socks off with good taste (hey, a calorie is a terrible thing to waste, if you consume one it had better be damn good). .. In the flavor department this stuff is lacking at best. But as an organic protein supplement, this Riceotein TM rocks. .. So what do we do? Well, we resolve this conflict by just sucking it up and making a Riceotein TM drink, maybe dolling it up a bit (we usually add some yogurt to thicken things up/add a tang and to also put in some honey) and just drinking it. It doesn’t taste the best but it’s not that terrible. Then later when I take the time, effort and love to create some awesome tasting food I can really enjoy it. .. Have I tried Riceotein TM in every dish as a fortifier? Absolutely not. .. And I won’t. Given it’s flavor it’s most promising addition taste-wise would probably be in baked goods. But… how would the heat from the oven degrade the protein? Who knows? And one scoop is pretty hefty to be adding to a salad or whatever. .. Nope, for me I’ll just add this to some sort of drink that’s easy and love the fact that I’m getting a pure vegetarian protein without any of the bad stuff. From this perspective I LOVE Riceotein TM.

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