Had a Rice Cake emergency yesterday (was headed to the beach for a run and realized that I forgot the rice cakes that go along with the crossword puzzle for the essential cool-down/goofing off period that follows). So I headed down to the supermarket to buy a non-organic substitute.

 Anyway, after the run and a quick dip in the ocean I sat down with my puzzle and cakes. .. And the first thing I noticed was that these non-conventional ones were thicker. They were also pretty pale looking vs the organic ones which have a nice brown freckling. Took a quick look at the ingredients just in case .. “Whole Grain Brown Rice, Salt.” OK, at least no names that take a degree in chemistry to pronounce. Then I took bite. … Not-Good. My teeth crushed through this Styrofoam-like texture. Like I said, Not-Good…

 So I saved a few to bring back home to do a fair side by side comparison (it was easy to not eat them all). Here’s what I found…

  • The Organic Rice Cake (Lundberg) had as mentioned a specked color that struck me as less processed when compared to the lily white conventional brand.
  • Confirmed that the Lundberg was a little bit thinner.
  • Bit into both. The Lundberg Rice Cake had some mass to it. There was something there. It also had much more of a crunch than the popular conventional brand.
  • The flavor of the Lundberg was clearly superior. It had an interesting and pleasing combination of flavor notes vs the conventional which had only one flavor … bland. The Lundberg also had a nice salt note going on while not being really salty. Checked the ingredients .. Sea Salt vs Conventional Salt.. figures.
  • Noted that the size of the individual rice puffs in the Lundberg were smaller than the conventional. Aha! Less “poofing”! Meaning that the conventional had more air and less rice! To confirm checked the weights.. A Lundberg had a weight of 18.5 g per cake. The conventional 9.0 g per cake. So the conventional was all air and less than half the rice.. This explains why they are thicker and also why their texture is like an insulating material (both contain maximum air)

 You know, two of the most favorite ingredients of the conventional food crowd are air and water. Both are incredibly cheap and both give the consumer less for what he paid for. So we give Lundberg the Organic Test Kitchen Seal of Approval for both Quality and Nutrition. It not only gives you more of what you want but also excludes the nasties such as chemical residues that you want to stay away from.

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