As the demand for organic food broadens we are seeing more and more folks entering the business. And that Costco Kirkland Organic Salsameans greater competition and therefore (thankfully!) lower prices. So we took a saunter down to the local Costco Store and picked up some of their Kirkland Organic Salsa.

 First, the price for a 65 oz. jar was $5.66. Nice. .. Especially when you look at how much those small jars of the non-organic salsas cost.

 Next, ingredients. This stuff contains (all these are organic) .. tomatoes, jalapenos, onions, tomato paste, cilantro, sugar, vinegar, cumin, garlic and cayenne. It also contains water and citric acid. By the way, the organic ingredients just listed were by order of amount contained in the Organic Salsa. Water was in a lesser amount than the tomatoes, jalapenos & onions. That’s Nice. .. Should be a good thick salsa.

 Opened it up and you’ll find that it really is a nice thick and chunky salsa and Spoonful of Costco Organic Kirkland Salsanot some watered down soupy thing. .. Taste… kicks butt. A really nice and full flavored salsa. And the type we reviewed was the medium and it was in no way over the top in terms of heat. And if you want to spice it up with seasoning and fresh peppers you can easily knock yourself out by using this as a base to make your own signature organic salsa (… a good idea for a future post).

 This stuff also is impressive nutritionally. For a full two tablespoons it has only 10 calories (however, beware, it does have 220 mg of sodium if you are watching this). Why does this impress me? Because you are getting a great bang for the calorie in terms of taste enhancement of your dishes.

 Now I use this on everything. Nothing against ketchup but for my taste it’s totally lame in comparison. Soupy, nothing going on. Now with the Costco Organic Salsa,  I put it on my egg white omelettes and many other dishes. It not only tastes great, but I’m eating a nice variety of things and that my friends is definitely a good thing. I’m thinking that this is a product you want to have on hand as BBQ Season starts.

 So, in summary, thumbs up for this Salsa with low cost, organic ingredients and great taste.