I had previously posted about tips for brewing an awesome cup of organic coffee. Now something new has come to my kitchen Chemex Coffee Makerthat has brought brewing¬†gourmet coffee to the next level. This is a thing with a name that you’ve probably heard but has made you wince when you heard it. The Chemex coffee maker.

What exactly is the Chemex? Well if you look at it closly and remember your high school chemistry class it is basically a modified Erlenmeyer Flask. Apparently, a Mr. Peter J. Schlumbohm developed the thing. He took the flask design and added a funnel area to allow air to sneak past the coffee filter and vent as it filled with brewed coffee. Very simple, very basic. … I love it.

And one the the things I love best is that it’s all glass. I have done testing and no matter if water contacts a heating tube of a drip coffee maker, stainless steel or whatever it leaves an aftertaste which in all likelihood are oxides which naturally form. Anyway the cleanest way to handle water to brew coffee is with glass (that is Borosilicate Glass designed to handle high temperatures, otherwise it will shatter and potentially cause significant injury from broken glass and scalding water…don’t go there, use only glass designed for the purpose).

Anyway with the Chemex you simply place a paper filter with organic coffee grinds on top, pour the heated water on top of the grinds, it drips through and wah-lah. .. Coffee, only the coffee and nothing but the coffee. No this or that muscling in to mess up the taste. .. One tip though .. right before adding the filter and brewing I add some heated tap water swish it around and toss it to preheat the Chemex. I find that this helps maintain the hot coffee temperature which I like, otherwise the cold Chemex will suck some of the heat from the brewed coffee. .. A bit more work than a coffee maker but worth it. Enjoy!