It has been recently determined that the Merrimack River is contaminated with minute quantities of at least 16 pharmaceuticals. Since several communities take their drinking water supply from the Merrimack this is obviously a concern.

Are these quantities enough to effect you? Who knows? Especially when considering a lifetime of exposure. Anyway here’s some of what they found … narcotics, antihistamines, antibiotics and believe it or not, cocaine. So you know what? I can purchase a gallon of Poland Springs for about a buck. No chlorine, no this and no that. My coffee tastes better, water after a run definitely taste better and no worries. For me it’s worth it. Are other spring waters just as good? I’m sure some are. But you have to be careful there are a lot out there with the fancy-schmantzy names that are just municipal water that’s been filtered and bottled. Now I have no commercial interest in Poland Springs but like it because I know that it comes out of the ground in rural Maine. Is it perfect? Probably not. Is it a positive step towards chemical free cooking and drinking? I would say yes.

The article on the Merrimack River is here if interested.

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