Finally the USDA has put some specifics around what it actually means for milk and meat to be organic. .. Here’s the old rule “the animals must have access to pasture”. Which can mean anything from farmer John letting them graze and be in the fresh air and sunshine for a good part of the day to the company who just rushes them out and back in in order to sell at the higher prices of the organic marketplace.

So here’s the deal. The new rule which takes effect June 2010 is that “30 percent of the animals feed must¬†come from grazing and that ranchers must have a plan to protect the soil and the water quality”. … Better … Much better (although I would like to see this eventually¬†jump to 50%). .. And another great thing about this is that there are definite, tangible improvements to the environment when you buy organic. That, plus the benefits of clean food, makes the added cost worth it and the money well spent.