There is a good article on from Martha Stewart, “Eating safely is as important as eating healthy.” Regarding meats, she states the good practice of cooking to a temperature over 160 F (to mitigate the chance of salmonella  issues) But in addition, for meat without the antibiotics and growth hormones the guaranteed way to do it is to choose products with the USDA Organic Label. And beyond this to choose grass-fed organic meats as the primo selection.

On produce she states that ” Although the science isn’t exact, it’s believed that fetuses and young children are most vulnerable to toxins in food. That said, it’s still unclear just how residual pesticides might affect adults, so wash conventional and organic produce with care.” To her, pesticide resides is an issue to be taken seriously. .. That said, it seems that more of the mainstream media is coming over to the wisdom of making Organic Choices. You  can read the full article which was adapted from Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine here.