I haven’t had much to do with Hexane since back in the day in chemistry lab. This compound is a very good solvent with many important industrial uses but when I read that it was being used to solvate and extract fat from Soy Veggie Burgers I almost fell over. I mean, of course it’s an excellent chemical to perform this function, but to use it on Hexane From Wikipediafood to be consumed… What are they thinking? Anyway, there’s a flood of news on the subject.. a neurotoxin, blurred vision, headaches from exposure, the FDA doesn’t have limits for it in foods. .. It’s a mess. … And once again the organic version does not contain this solvent. And it doesn’t because it’s inherent in the organic standard that you cannot go about using such things. … It’s like the difference between sorting out whether you can use this or that chemical for non-organic where for the organic option they get rid of all that nonsense and just use a blanket statement that basically says if it isn’t food keep it away from the food. And I think you’ll agree that is the best form of protection we can get from the uber-manufactured foods of today.

You can almost hear the non-organic food manufacturer’s.. “Well you didn’t ask if it contains hexane.”  Well, no, and I didn’t ask whether it contains arsenic either… just assuming that the food thing you produce is sort of safe to the point where I could consume any of it’s ingredients without worry. .. Anyway on a side note, Mother Jones which broke the story now reports that rumors have been generated that the meat industry funded the Cornucopia Institute Study which found this out. Anyway, stay organic and you’ll be fine. Also, here are some links if you want some additional information as well as an Organic Test Kitchen Post on how the food industry uses furniture shellac on apples to make them shiny: