I had a bottle of Wild Harvest Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil on the shelf and just cracked it open. From the bottle you can learn that this product is Extra Virgin which is what you really want if you need to maximizeWild Harvest Olive Oil it’s contribution to a dish (such as homemade bread dipped in olive oil… one of the simplest and best tasting food combinations of all time). Extra Virgin which comes from the first pressing of the olives has a maximum acidity of 0.8% and is simply the most flavorful of all the olive oil grades. And like wine (and coffee) there’s an entire vernacular surrounding the tasting of this wonderful product. Terms such as fruity, grass and ripely (no, thatWild Harvest Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil‘s not a typo). Anyway here’s a link to get you started so that when you’re at your next cocktail party you’ll sound pretty worldly & impressive (or kind of boring .. it all depends upon your delivery ..).

So much for pleasing the palate. But as you know, Olive Oil is one of those rare foods that in addition to being fantastic also has this amazing list of  health benefits. Whole Foods does a good job in summarizing these on their olive oil page here. … And why organic? … Well you might want to check this out. .. Is this something we should worry about or not? … Who knows?.. But, back to flavor for a sec,  I just compared the Wild Harvest Organic Olive Oil to a leading brand of Extra Virgin Non-Organic I had laying around. Surprisingly, the Non-Organic was actually more aromatic, however,the Organic Olive Oil had, for me, superior flavor. And flavor of course is something you can really put your finger on as a definite reason to recommend this product. I know it’s a little more expensive.. Just make coffee at home for a day instead of going out and you’ll be in decent olive oil for a month.

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