Euro-Leaf Symbol Of EU Certified Organic Food

The EU is further evolving it’s Organic Food System with a few changes, some of which are highly significant as described in a EurActiv article here. First, they have mandated the use of the “Euro-Leaf” which must be displayed on food items produced by any EU Member Country. One of the good aspects of the EU Program is that a location code to back-track the origin of ingredients is included in the labeling requirements.

And in addition to this, they have laid out new regs regarding the world of Organic Aquaculture (the EU’s Organic Farming Website is here for additional details on all aspects of their system). Specifically, it places limits on stocking densities (crucial in preventing sickness, sea lice infestations etc), has tighter controls regarding the use of organic feeds and also includes guidance for seaweed and mollusk production. Old School Fish ProductionThis is definitely an important step in the right direction. Aquaculture does hold promise for efficiently producing a healthy and sustainable supply of high quality protein & oils. And with the issues of depleted fish stocks this could be a win-win all around. However where there’s promise there’s also the potential for problems such as the chemicals and colorants commonly used for farm raised salmon. In any case, it appears that world-wide we’re starting to get our arms around this new old thing called organic food. and whether or not you buy into the healthier aspect of it there’s no doubt in my mind that the general quality of such food is at a different level.

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