Organic Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Need a quick, delicious and cooling ice cream sandwich? Need it Organic? Need it with virtually NO WORK. Then read on:

One of the things I personally don’t like about traditional ice cream sandwiches are they’re not organic, the “cookie” is mushy and they have too much ice cream and not enough cookie going on (for me anyway).  Oh, and they are work if you want to make your own. So here’s a solution that uses all store bought materials and can be put together in no time. Here’s what you do:

  1. Go Shopping: Buy a package of Newman’s O’s Organic Cookies and buy some organic ice cream or frozen yogurt.
  2. Remove the Icing: Twist the Newman’s O’s Cookies into two halves and scrape out the icing with a butter knife.
  3. Add Ice Cream: Take some ice cream out using the butter knife and spread on the Newman’s O Cookie half. Replace the other half to make the sandwich.
  4. Refrigerate: Chances are the cookie halves softened the ice cream. Freeze until hard again or it will just squeeze out when you bite in (but eating the ice cream coming out the sides is a good thing.. I’ve tried it). If the ice cream never gets hard enough then break the Newman’s Cookies into bite size chunks prior to assembling.

Now this may be a little too much chocolate cookie flavor for some but I really love it. Enjoy!