Nature's Path Frosted Apple Cinnamon Toaster Pastries

With the weather starting to cool down here in New England we thought we’d purchase a box of Nature’s Path Toaster Pastries. The Apple Cinnamon Flavor sounded good so we went with it.

What we found is a Organic Product that offered convenience and real fruit while at the same time sparing us from the “not-good” aspects of chemical residues. However, how would this processed product with no preservatives hold up in comparison to the well known chemicalized versions?

First, the packaging. These guys came in what looked like the same foil wrapping as the chemicalized ones. This is a plus in my book since you know that any low tech paper wrapping just couldn’t do the job.

Second, appearance. …. Well.. as they use to say “a face that only a mother could love…on payday”. These guys I’m sorry to say are just plain ugly. Man are they ugly. However, they toast up similar to the non-organic version, smell great and let’s face it the non-organic toaster pastries wouldn’t win any beauty contests either. Here’s what they look like pre-toaster.

Nature's Path Organic Toaster Pastry

Once we had these guys toasted they did as mentioned smell very good. Taste. …Very nice for a convenience product. The crust had a nice flour flavor and a bit chewy as you expect from a toaster pastry. For us, the frosting added a nice touch of sweetness without being over the top. And the cinnamon played nicely off the apple flavor from the center. A lot of good mellow flavors going on with a satisfyingly texture and mouthfeel that makes you want¬† to luxuriate over this while sipping your coffee or tea.

In summary, we enjoyed this product and felt the quality was superb for a ready to eat food.  This, of course, was only enhanced with the knowledge that we were only eating food and nothing but the food since there were no chemical residues hiding in the mix.

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